Getting Started With Globus


Globus is a non-profit service for secure, reliable  research data management.

With Globus, subscribers can  move, share, and discover data  via a single interface whether your files live on a supercomputer, lab cluster, tape archive, public cloud or your laptop, you can manage this data from anywhere, using your existing identities, via just a web browser.​

Developers can also use Globus to build applications and gateways leveraging advanced identity management, single sign-on, search, authorization, and automation capabilities. Pitt students, faculty, and staff can link their University Computing Accounts (UCA) to a Globus account to use the platform. Pitt Information Technology funds the annual subscription plan providing unlimited access, premium features, and technical support at no charge to the Pitt community.


Key Benefits

  • Transfer files: From kilobytes to petabytes, with Globus you can efficiently, reliably, and securely move data between systems within your site or across an ocean.
  • Share files with others: All you need is an email address to share data with colleagues – Globus manages authentication and access.
  • Develop applications and gateways: The open REST APIs and Python SDK empower you to create an integrated ecosystem of research data services, applications, and workflows.


Globus Components

  • Globus Connect Server Software that creates an endpoint on multi-user systems such as lab servers, campus research computing clusters, and other high-performance computing or storage resources. Globus Connect Server is available for all POSIX-compliant filesystems, and many object stores and tape archives.
  • Globus Connect Personal:  Software that turns your laptop or other personal computer into a Globus endpoint with just a few clicks. With Globus Connect Personal you can share and transfer files to/from a local machine, campus server, or other computer even if it’s behind a firewall and you don’t have administrative privileges. Globus Connect Personal is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
  • Globus Transfer: Is software-as-a-service (SaaS) for file transfer, and sharing. It is a cloud-hosted service, operated by the Globus development team, that acts as a third-party mediator/facilitator for managing data on storage systems (or endpoints) that are owned and managed by their respective owners.


High Assurance and HIPAA/BAA Subscriptions

The High Assurance and HIPAA/BAA subscription levels allow use of Globus with data that requires additional protection, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), and controlled but unclassified data. Subscribers at these levels may identify storage systems with sensitive data that require higher level of assurance and Globus will ensure that stricter access policies, as required by the institution, are enforced. Subscribers also have access to comprehensive documentation describing Globus operations and processes for compliance with HIPAA and NIST 800-171. High Assurance and HIPAA/BAA subscriptions currently apply to Globus file transfer and sharing functionality, and their underlying platform services such as Globus Auth—search and Globus ID are not included.



Getting Started with Globus

Using Globus

Choose from the following options:

Using the Premium Features of the Globus Subscription

Contact the Technology Help Desk or call 412-624-HELP (4357) and request any of the following:

  • A Globus consultation—To discover and evaluate what options and features best meet your research data management needs. (If your project includes working with data that meets the classification of high-risk (protected), a consultation with our Information Security team is required.)
  • An endpoint managed under the University's subscription—This is the only way for the Globus service to identify which endpoints are part of our subscription. Endpoints need to be managed in order to use the premium features. (Required)
  • An upgrade from Globus Connect Personal to Globus Plus—Allows you to transfer files between two personal Globus endpoints AND to share files from a personal endpoint.(Not required)

Pitt IT coordinates new installations or upgrades so endpoints can be managed under our subscription. The Information Security Team reviews and approves projects that use protected data.


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