Resetting a Forgotten Password


How to reset your University Computing Account password



Students, faculty, and staff who forget their University Computing Account password can use the Self-Service Password Reset Service to reset their password online quickly and securely. You must select and answer three online security questions before you can use the Self-Service Password Reset Service. If you forget your password, you will be prompted to answer these security questions in order to verify your identity. If you forget your password and have not set your security questions, you will need to visit a Student Computing Lab to have your password reset.

Note: If you have a sponsored account, you must ask your Responsibility Center Account Administrator or the account sponsor to contact the Technology Help Desk on your behalf.



Reset Your Password if You Have Forgotten It

Important: You Must Have Set Your Password Security Questions to Reset Your Password Online

1. You can either navigate to or click the Forgot password? link on the Pitt Passport login page:

2. Enter your University Computing Account Username and Date of Birth. Click Next.

3. Answer your three security questions and click Next.

4. Enter and confirm your new password, then click Submit.

Your password has been successfully reset.


Managing Your Account Online

You can log in to to manage your account online, where you can change your password, reset your security questions, manage your Duo devices, and much more!

If you don't have your Security Questions set to use the self-service password reset, here are the steps to update them:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Login & Security
  3. Click Change Password

  1. Select the Update Security Questions
  2. Complete the required sections
  3. Click Update Questions




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