Add, Drop, and Edit Enrollment Online in PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX


Students can add, drop, and edit their class enrollment online at My Pitt.



Students can add, drop, and edit their class enrollment online at PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX. 



  1. Log in to PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX from My Pitt.
  2. From the Dashboard Menu
    1. Select Enrollment > Enrollment Dates to check your Enrollment Appointment to see when you can begin enrolling.
    2. Select My Information > Holds to see if you have any Holds that may prevent you from enrolling. If you have an ADV - Advising Hold, you will need to meet with your advisor, and your advisor will need to remove this Hold. If you have other Holds, select each Hold for contact instructions if needed.
  3. Select Class Information > Class Search to search for an enroll in classes.
  4. Other enrollment related features, such as Schedule Builder, Planner and Shopping Cart, as well as other specific actions such as Edit Enrollment, Drop Classes, Swap Classes, can be accessed from Enrollment on the menu.


Related Information

Additional information related to Enrollment can be found on the Office of the University Registrar's site.



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