Working Smarter with Microsoft MyAnalytics


Microsoft MyAnalytics provides personalized tools to help you work smarter, instead of working harder or longer.



Pitt faculty and staff in departments that participate in the Microsoft Campus Agreement have access to a variety of programs that go way beyond Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. MyAnalytics provides personalized tools to help you work smarter, instead of working harder or longer. Features include:

  • MyAnalytics Dashboard: Summary page shows statistics about how you spent your time over the past month and provides insights about work patterns, suggestions for improvement, and information about your network and collaboration activities. You can drill down for more detailed insights and resources.
  • Insights Add-In and Inline Suggestions in Outlook: Data-driven, context-specific recommendations to improve your work patterns. Suggestions include alerts about outstanding tasks, prompts to schedule focused work time, suggestions to reduce after-hours work, or tips for more efficient collaboration.
  • Digests: A weekly email to help you understand and improve your work habits. These emails concentrate on specific work patterns, including focus, wellbeing, networking, and collaboration.
  • Focus Plan: Helps you block out one to two distraction-free hours every day for your highest-priority work. MyAnalytics can automatically book that time or prompt you to schedule it manually. During Focus time, chats in Teams are silenced and your availability is listed as “Do Not Disturb.”

With MyAnalytics, you get immediate insights in real time, with concrete suggestions to increase your productivity. With just a few reminders, prompts, and support tools, it can help you better organize your time, focus on high-priority tasks, and work more efficiently. 

Key Benefits

  • View insights into two key factors of personal productivity: how you spend your time and with whom you spend it
  • Schedule uninterrupted time to complete your work
  • Develop healthy work and technology habits
  • Nurture better working relationships with other faculty and staff
  • Collaborate more efficiently with your colleagues 



Getting Started

  1. Use a web browser to log into with your Pitt Email address and password.
  2. Click the Office 365 app launcher icon.
    Office 365 launcher
  3. Click the MyAnalytics icon.
  4. The app will launch. Information about your work patterns and insights will display.

Watch a quick video overview to learn how MyAnalytics works > 


Make the Most of Your Workday with Insights from MyAnalytics





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