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The Toad for Oracle (Quest) solution for departments gives faculty and staff the ability to minimize risks associated with database changes, maintain quality, and redirect time to more strategic tasks. Create high-quality, bug-free applications that are built to perform and scale in production while automating the routine tasks that can make you less proactive and productive.

Licensed users can make use of tools used for application development, database development, or business intelligence and assist developers in deploying Oracle-based applications and web services on the Windows platform. 

Key Benefits

  • Shorten development cycles by producing higher-quality code with fewer defects
  • Define, find, and protect sensitive data across all your Oracle databases
  • Implement consistent and repeatable processes and best practices
  • Pinpoint and resolve database performance inefficiencies quickly
  • Automate SQL optimization tasks, complex and routine database admin tasks, and scalable performance testing. 



Get Started

Toad for Oracle products are available for purchase from PantherExpress. They are not available for personal purchase. To get started:

Choose the Toad for Oracle Product that is Right for You:

Product List (for Departments)

Purchase the Software:

This title is only available through an authorized purchaser for PantherExpress in your department or area:

  1. Go to my.pitt.edu, login using your University Computing Account username and password,
  2. Search for PantherExpress, click The Panther Express System, then Start.
  3. Click the Shopping Cart icon. Under Internal (University) Suppliers, click Pitt IT Software Store.
  4. Search for Toad for Oracle.
  5. Locate your product and click Add to Cart.
  6. Enter each user's information, one user per line in the requested format (last name, first name, University Computing Account username), then click Add to Cart.
  7. A receipt is emailed to the user which contains download instructions and the license key to complete the installation process.

Trial versions of these Toad for Oracle products are available for first-time users at www.quest.com.

Watch a video overview to learn how Toad for Oracle works:


More Ways to Get the Most from Toad for Oracle:

Toad for Oracle Resources
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