Creating a Community in Elentra


This article demonstrates how to create a community in Elentra.



Communities in Elentra

Any user can set up a community to provide a space to share documents, online discussions, etc. It can be set up as protected and only accessed by authenticated users and can even be configured to require registration or not. A community would be most appropriate for a school committee, student work group, or social group. By default, it just has a home page, but users can add announcements, discussions, document sharing, etc.


1. Visit Elentra, and click Login with SSO (Single-sign on).

2. Click on the Communities tab.

red box fitted around communities and red arrow pointing to communities

3. Click the blue Create a Community button.

red arrow pointing to Create a Community

4. Choose an appropriate category for your community.

red box fitted around choosing your category

5. Enter the following information for the Community details:

    a. Name

    b. Keywords

    c. Description

    d. Shortname: This will be part of the community URL. Once you set the shortname, the URL can not be changed.

    e. Type

    f. Template: Select the “Your University” template

red box fitted around community details

6. Select the types of community pages you want associated with your community.

    a. In a generic community the only page included is a home page. You can select or deselect additional types.

red box fitted around community pages

7. Set the Community Permissions.

red box fitted around community permissions

8. Click Create.

    a. You will redirected to the community where you can manage all of your pages. 

red arrow pointing to Create button



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