How to Loop A Survey Block in Qualtrics


This article will detail more specifically how to loop a block of questions in a Qualtrics survey as many times as the survey taker desires.



How to loop a survey block in Qualtrics

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This article will detail more specifically how to loop a block of questions in a Qualtrics survey as many times as the survey taker desires.



Create a Loop & Merge Survey Block

1. Either create a new Survey Project or continue with an existing project and select Add Block to add a new Block to the survey:

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2. Select the new block so that the Loop & Merge option will appear.  Then click the Loop & Merge option for the block:

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Loop & Merge Setting

1. Select Turn on Loop & Merge

If you have already collected some responses for your survey this is where you may see a warning stating "This Survey has already been taken # times.  Editing could invalidate the results!", if these collected responses were just for previous test responses this warning is okay to ignore.  If you have responses that need to be preserved it may be best to make a copy of the survey and then continue on the copy version for both editing and distribution.

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2. Now you will have to decide the maximum number of times you would like for the loop to possibly continue as the loop cannot continue infinitely.  Each time you click into the field area a new row will be added.  If you would like a maximum of 20 loops click until you have 20 rows and so on and so forth. Then select Save.

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3. Then create the questions that you would like to have looped in this block.  You will have to consider what question you would like to be the trigger for the loop.  It could be as simple as “Do you have another submission” or it could be contingent on something else.

Adding Display Logic

1. Once those questions are all created and you have decided on the trigger question you must click on each question and add “Display Logic”

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2. Set the Display Logic to resemble the following image for each question within the Loop & Merge block:

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This will make it so that if you survey taker would like for the survey to loop back they would select “Yes” on the final question.  Thanks to this logic the Loop & Merge survey block will loop until the survey taker selects “No”.  Once “No” is selected the survey will either end, or move to the next survey block depending on your personal survey setup.


Publish and Review

Now that the loop is set up you will want to Publish your survey and test the loop and ensure that it is functioning as intended.




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