Glossary of GNU Mailman Common Terms


This article provides brief definitions of common terms associated with Mailman mailing lists.



Terms and Definitions

Administrator Authentication page — This is the page that list administrators use to log in to Mailman. The address is, where listname is the name of the administrator’s mailing list.

Digest — There are two ways to receive messages on a mailing list. The first is to receive emails as they are posted. The second is to receive messages in digest form. Digest form means that all messages for a given day are bundled together and emailed to you at the same time (usually once per day). List subscribers can select Digest Mode on their Membership Configuration page. — This is the domain used for all Mailman mailing lists at the University of Pittsburgh.

List Administrator — List administrators are the individuals who create, maintain, and oversee mailing lists.

List Info page — The List Info page provides a brief description of all public mailing lists at the University of Pittsburgh. To view the List Info page, open a Web browser to To view a description of one of the mailing lists on this page, including instructions for subscribing to the list, simply click on the list name. 

List Moderator— List moderators have more limited permissions than list administrators. For example, moderators can approve or reject subscription requests, and they can also review messages before they are posted to the list. List moderators are created by list administrators.

List Subscriber — List subscribers are the individuals who join mailing lists created by the list administrators.

Mailing List — A mailing list is a list of email addresses to which the same information is being sent. When a member of the mailing list (also called a subscriber) sends a message to the group’s unique email address, that email is broadcast to all of the members of the list.

Member Configuration page — This page allows list subscribers to change their password and configure a variety of other Mailman options. To reach this page, you must first go to the Member Options page and log in.  

Member Options page — This is the page that individual list subscribers can use to unsubscribe to a list or set a password reminder. The address for this page is, where listname is the name of the list and address is your email address. If you type your email address and password on this page and click Log In, you will be taken to the Member Configuration page.


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