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Pitt celebrates the value of diversity and inclusion as essential to advancing our teaching, research, and community engagement. As a community, we recognize that name diversity and gender identity are central to our individuality and sense of self. The first step in respecting, appreciating and connecting with others comes from valuing name diversity and curating more welcoming first impressions.

NameCoach allows you to record and share the pronunciation of your name with others. Your recorded name can then be easily shared in your email signature, on LinkedIn, and through social media. In addition, instructors can also enable NameCoach in their Canvas courses, making it easy for everyone in a class to learn each other's names.

NameCoach also gives you the option to specify your personal gender pronouns. If you choose to use this feature, your pronouns will be visible to all students and instructors in your Canvas courses.

3 Key Benefits

  • It's simple to record your name and specify your personal gender pronouns using a computer, mobile device, or phone
  • Make introductions easier by adding your name recording to your email signature, LinkedIn, or social media
  • Instructors can enable integration with Canvas, making it easy for everyone in a class to learn each other's names and personal gender pronouns     



Record Your Name
Edit Your Recording
Use NameCoach with Canvas
Share Your Name
Specify Your Personal Gender Pronouns​​​​​​​


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