Getting, Setting Up, and Connecting With PittNet VPN (GlobalProtect)


The GlobalProtect client is an important software tool that helps safeguard the security of everyone’s computers and information on campus. The GlobalProtect client works with the University's enterprise network firewalls to check the identity of each user to be sure they are authorized to use University computing resources. GlobalProtect is required on computers that connect with a cable to the wired network on the Pittsburgh campus.

When used as a VPN to establish a secure remote connection (for example, to access restricted University resources like departmental file servers), it also encrypts traffic between your computer and the University’s network. 

Key Benefits

  • Privacy protection: Use for added safety and confidentiality for public and private network connections.
  • Improved security: Assist with ensuring University network security while connected on and off campus.
  • Increased Session Length: Supports longer sessions, avoiding timeout restrictions found in other VPN clients.
  • Mobility: Securely access University resources from anywhere, on or off campus.
  • Access restricted resources: Securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks.
  • Improved network connectivity via a virtual private network (VPN): Easily and quickly establish long-distance, secure encrypted network connections with high throughput.



Connections through GlobalProtect require a University Computing Account, a supported, up-to-date operating system, a software firewall enabled on your computer, and an antivirus solution. ​


Getting Started

The following information is used when connecting with GlobalProtect:

Connecting with Windows or macOS
Connecting an Android Device
Connecting a Chromebook
Connecting an iOS Device


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