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Managed Server Hosting at our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides both physical and virtual managed server hosting for departmental technology services that require a high level of availability and security. In physical server hosting, the servers themselves reside at the NOC. The NOC monitors the servers around the clock, performs all backups, manages the upgrades to operating systems, and coordinates the resolution of hardware problems. The department's IT professionals retain support of application systems and databases.

Virtual servers allow one machine to do the job of many. Using server virtualization, Pitt IT has been able to consolidate over 300 servers onto a VMware cluster made up of just 30 computers. Fewer computers mean less power is needed to run them and less energy is required to cool them. Virtual server hosting can also help departments pay only for the hardware resources they need, saving money and resources. 



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Departments interested in these services should contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357). A member of the Pitt IT staff will meet with you to discuss your needs and provide a cost estimate.

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