Getting Started With the Rave Guardian App


The Rave Guardian app is an optional companion safety app that leverages mobile technology to provide new options for contacting the Pitt Police. It's available through the Pitt App Center, the Apple App Store, or Google Play

  • Important: Downloading the app does not subscribe you to receive ENS alerts or Crime Alerts. You must subscribe to ENS alerts and Crime Alerts separately.


Your Phone Can Be Your Guardian

Send a tip icon Submit tips–anonymously, if you prefer–to the Pitt Police via text message. Your tips can even include photo attachments. 
Safety timer icon Set a safety timer whenever you are alone or in an unfamiliar place. 
Call Pitt Police icon

Call the Pitt Police directly from the app. 

If you've set up your profile in advance, it displays the details you've provided to the police dispatcher. This can be helpful if you are unable to speak. 


3 Easy Steps to Get Started with the Rave Guardian App

1. Download the app from the Apple App StoreGoogle Play, or the Pitt App Center

2. Launch the app to set up your account.

Note: The first time you launch the app, you may be asked to allow "location services" and "send notifications." The app relies heavily on these features, so we encourage you to allow them.  

a. Enter your mobile phone number and tap Continue.  

b. The app sends you a verification code via text. Enter the code and tap Continue. Note that you must agree to the terms and conditions in this step. 

c. Enter your University email address (do not use any aliases you have created) and tap Continue.  

d. The app sends another verification code to your University email address. Enter the code in the app and tap Continue. 

e. Select your campus and tap Save.

f.  The app will ask you to confirm your Pitt identity. Tap Yes if it is correct. Swipe through the brief tutorial to display the main Rave Guardian screen. 

Note: You can view detailed step-by-step instructions below. 

3. You're now ready to begin using the Rave Guardian app.     


Other Public Safety Resources

Emergency Notification Service (ENS)

The University's Emergency Notification Service (ENS) provides University students and employees with critical information in the event of an emergency—using voice, text, and email channels. Everyone at the University is subscribed to receive email alerts from ENS. You are strongly encouraged to subscribe to receive text and voice message alerts, as well. 

Crime Alerts

The Police Department issues a crime alert when a serious, unresolved crime is committed on or adjacent to campus, the crime creates a threat of immediate physical harm to faculty, staff or students, and the likelihood of repetition is such that a report is necessary to aid in the prevention of similar occurrences.

Crime Alerts are separate from the University's Emergency Notification Service (ENS). Subscribing to receive ENS alerts does not subscribe you to receive Crime Alerts. You must subscribe to Crime Alerts separately.


Detailed Rave Guardian App Guides

Rave Guardian App: Step-by-Step Setup Guide
Rave Guardian App: Update Your ENS Contact Preferences
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