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Below is an overview of networking solutions that are available to the University research community.




The Internet2 network provides the U.S. research and education community with a dynamic, innovative and cost effective hybrid-optical and packet network to meet the community's special needs.

Pitt IT connects Pitt's researchers and educators to Internet2 and its member communities through the Pittsburgh GigaPoP. The Three Rivers Optical Exchange (3Rox) is a regional network aggregation point, providing high speed network access to research and commodity networks.

Internet2 InCommon Federation/Shibboleth Communities

You can easily and securely access valuable information at other institutions using your primary University Computing Account username and password. This is made possible by the University's membership in the InCommon Federation and Shibboleth (a behind-the-scenes authentication and authorization mechanism). Anyone at Pitt can currently access resources from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and EDUCAUSE.

Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)

ESnet provides high-bandwidth connections to link scientists at national laboratories, universities, and other research institutions, enabling them to collaborate on scientific challenges including:

  • Energy
  • Climate science
  • Origins of the universe

ESnet is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science, and managed and operated by the ESnet team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It provides scientists with access to DOE research facilities and computing resources.

Pitt is a sponsoring member of Oak Ridge (ORAU: Oak Ridge Associated Universities), which is one of 40 ESnet sites.

Pitt IT can bring new connections and collaboration opportunities on ESnet to Pitt's researchers and educators.

KINBER (Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research)

The Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN) offers Pitt researchers strategic opportunities for collaboration and networking with:

  • Dedicated dark fiber
  • Connectivity to a shared, statewide research and education backbone
  • Dedicated Ethernet connections (point to point, multi-point)
  • Access to other national research and education backbones

Pitt IT will bring new connections, communities and capacities to Pitt's researchers and educators through our Pittsburgh campus and regional campus PennREN nodes.

The University of Pittsburgh is a charter member of KINBER, and is actively engaged in the establishment of PennREN.

PennREN connects researchers, educators, and health care providers through affordable access to scalable, high-speed, broadband capabilities with connections to national research institutions and networks.


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