Pitt Guest Wi-Fi Options


You have three options for guest Wi-Fi access when visiting the University of Pittsburgh: Eduroam, Pitt Guest Wi-Fi, and MyResNet. Use the comparison table below to learn which service best meets your needs.



Eduroam Guest Wi-Fi

Pitt Guest Wi-Fi


Best if...

You are a visitor from UPMC or a participating Eduroam institution.

No additional device configuration required.

You want simple Guest Wi-Fi for general internet access. 

You need guest access while visiting University residence halls.

Available Locations

Most Pitt campus locations— including many UPMC hospitals in Pittsburgh’s East End—as well as participating institutions around the world. Not currently available in residence halls.

View other Eduroam locations ...

Most Pitt campus locations. Not currently available in UPMC facilities.

Residence halls on the Pittsburgh campus, including Bouquet Gardens, Centre Plaza, Darragh Apartments, Forbes-Craig Apartments, and Oakwood Apartments 


Visitors from a participating Eduroam institution (must have a valid login account at your institution)

Any campus visitor—including alumni, sports fans, and contractors. 

Visitors to University residence halls on the Pittsburgh campus

Requires Password




Requires Pitt Sponsor





Connect to the network named "Eduroam" using your home institution's login credentials.

View Eduroam setup instructions ...

Connect to the network named "Pitt Guest-WiFi,” read the Terms of Use, and click Accept

Ask a resident student to grant your device access, then connect to the network named “MyResNet”.

View MyResNet Guest Access instructions ...

Access Time Period


You will be prompted to accept the Terms of Use every 24 hours

Up to 30 days

User Support

Technology Help Desk

Technology Help Desk

Technology Help Desk


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