Receiving Incoming Faxes (Departments)


Departments with standalone fax devices can have incoming fax messages delivered as a PDF attachment to the email address they specify. Pitt IT will contact departments to begin the process of transitioning your analog fax machines to eFax. If you prefer to get started right away, contact the Technology Help Desk to request an early migration.  

Departments are charged a flat rate of $14 per month, per fax number for eFax. Unlike in the previous fax model, departments are not charged usage fees for incoming or outgoing faxes.



To prepare for your department's migration, complete these steps:

  1. Submit a list of the incoming fax numbers your unit uses to Pitt IT via the Voice and Data Services Request form. A Pitt IT analyst will follow up to review the fax numbers, discuss email delivery options, provide billing details, and answer your questions.
  2. For each of your department's fax numbers, decide what email address you would like to use for incoming fax messages. Fax messages can be delivered to an individual address, a shared resource account address, or an email address associated with a Microsoft Teams channel or Microsoft 365 Group. Provide this information to the Pitt IT analyst who is working with your department.  
  • Note: Teams channels and Microsoft 365 Groups provide the most flexibility because multiple people can be added to a channel or group. This ensures one person is not solely responsible for managing fax messages. In addition, it is easy to add or remove individuals from the channel or group in response to staffing changes. See the steps below for using an email address associated with a Teams channel or Microsoft 365 Group. 


Use a Teams Channel Email Address for Incoming Fax Messages
Use a Microsoft 365 Group Email Address for Incoming Fax Messages
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