How to Enable Group Delegation By Responsibility Center in Directory Services


Reestablish Group Delegation

Responsibility Center (RC) Account Administrators may grant others the ability to manage groups within their Responsibility Center. Access can be granted to any primary account holder at the following levels:

  • Responsibility Center: This person can create, manage, and delete groups within the entire Responsibility Center.

  • Prefix: This person can create, manage, and delete groups under the selected group prefix.

  • Group: This person can manage only the selected group. This person cannot create or delete groups unless granted access at the prefix or Responsibility Center level.


Delegate Group Management to Another Individual


  1.  Login to the Accounts Administration service.
  2. From the Accounts Administration Menu, click Manage Groups.
    Accounts Administration Main Menu
  3. Select the appropriate Responsibility Center. If you only manage one Responsibility Center, your group will be set by default.
    Manage Groups Responsibility Center Drop Down
  4. Within the Delegate Group/Prefix Access tab, enter the username for the individual and click the Search button. Select the desired individual.
    Manage Groups Username Search field
  5. Place a checkmark beside the Responsibility Center, Prefix, and/or Groups that the individual will manage.
    Responsibility Center, Prefixes, and Groups Management Checkboxes
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the Save button.
    Save Button
  7. To view the current delegates of a Responsibility Center, Prefix, or Group, click the Current Delegates button.
    Current Delegates Button



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