Understanding the Importance of Vulnerability Assessments


As our technology environment becomes more complex and related security threats increase, every University unit needs to use available tools and services to protect University information and resources. Many security controls in place for the University are administered centrally. But the support of the deans, directors, and department chairs throughout the University is required to ensure that each area is implementing the unit-level security controls.



Centralized security measures and tools are provided to help students, faculty, and staff protect computer workstations, portable devices, and servers, including antivirus software, encryption tools, and security assessment tools. Many of these tools are available to faculty and staff on the SecureU SharePoint site. By following the steps and downloading the software in the SecureU site, University units will be able to protect their computing resources and sensitive information.

Protecting sensitive University information and computing resources against the latest security threats is a daunting challenge. The University’s centralized security controls offer a strong first line of defense. These controls have been implemented across the University for email, websites, and firewalls. While these services are a critical element of information security, each individual faculty and staff member also has a responsibility to take personal action. In addition, information technology professionals must take further steps to protect departmental resources. Deans, directors, and department chairs are ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance within their units.

Compliance Resources:

  • Copyright Infringement and Illegal File Sharing
  • Enterprise Network Security Controls
  • Enterprise Network Firewalls
  • Pitt SecureWeb
  • PittNet VPN (GlobalProtect)


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