Emergency Notification Service (ENS) Frequently Asked Questions


See below for frequenetly asked questions (FAQs) about Emergency Notification Service (ENS).

UPDATE: All Pitt students and employees are automatically enrolled to receive ENS alerts at their @pitt.edu email address. Beginning mid-January 2024, students on the Pittsburgh campus will be automatically registered to receive alerts via SMS message on their mobile devices using the phone number on record with the University.​​​​​​​



Frequently Asked Questions

Whose contact information should I enter?

We recommend that all contact numbers belong to you. However, the system does not restrict you from entering the phone number of another person, such as a parent or spouse.

What if my contact numbers are wrong or have changed?

You can change your contact information at any time by logging into http://pi.tt/alerts. Click the Edit icon next to the contact number you want to change and complete the steps.

Why is the phone number I subscribed to receive ENS alerts also receiving NotifyU text updates? 

NotifyU and ENS share the same interface. This means that if you subscribe to a NotifyU list, the phone number you subscribe will also receive ENS alerts. Similarly, the phone numbers you subscribe to receive ENS alerts will also receive updates from any NotifyU lists you have joined. You can manage the NotifyU alerts you have subscribed to receive by logging in to http://pi.tt/alerts and clicking the Opt-In Lists tab. Check or uncheck the boxes in the Subscribe column to join or leave a NotifyU list.   

Can I receive both a text and voice message on the same phone/device?

Yes. However, your phone/device must be capable of receiving both. 

Can I select a traditional hard-wired phone to receive a voice message?

Yes. Log in to http://pi.tt/alerts, click the Add button next to Voice Only Line Contacts, and complete the steps. 

How do I know the message is from the University?

The Caller ID will display as one of the following numbers: 67283, 226787, or 78015. Consider creating a “Pitt ENS” contact in your smartphone and adding these numbers to the contact. That way, it will be easy to tell when you receive an alert from the University. 

Are Pitt Police Crime Alerts the same as ENS messages?

No. ENS messages are sent to subscribers as deemed appropriate in the event of a campus emergency. They are used to communicate a continuing threat. Pitt Police Crime Alerts are text messages sent through the NotifyU service that provide updates about campus crime alerts. To subscribe to Pitt Police Crime Alerts, log in to http://pi.tt/alerts and click the Opt-In Lists tab near the top of the page. Then check the box next to Alerts: Crime Alerts

Does Pitt charge for the ENS service?

No. There is no cost to subscribers. However, you are responsible for any mobile or text charges incurred from your mobile phone/device provider(s).

Will subscribers participate in any tests of the Emergency Notification Service?

Yes. Occasionally, the service will be tested with subscriber participation. 

I subscribed, but did not receive a text or voice message. Why?

The Emergency Notification Service makes a best effort to deliver all messages, including multiple attempts at sending the message. However a message may not be delivered due to a wrong number or a problem with your provider. Therefore, it is very important that your contact information is accurate.

What if I leave or withdraw from the University? Will I still get alerts?

No. You will be unsubscribed from the service upon leaving or withdrawing from the University.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you decide to stop receiving notifications, you can cancel your subscription by removing your contact information at http://pi.tt/alerts

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