Getting Started with Data Analytics and Alteryx Designer


Getting started with Alteryx Self-Service Data Analytics



Alteryx Designer provides data scientists and data analysts with a Swiss Army-knife for data. It has tools for data extraction, transformation, geospatial mapping, and predictive analytics—all in one easy to use package. Alteryx workflows can be used to integrate systems, extract data from third-party APIs, run R and Python scripts, read and write data to campus databases, and prepare large datasets for analytics and data visualization in tools like Tableau.

Licensed users can make use of the University’s Alteryx server to schedule workflows or deploy workflows as shareable Analytic Applications. 

Key Benefits:

  • Save time and effort by using automated workflows to replace manual data tasks.
  • Create predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics for all—code-free for analysts and code-friendly for data scientists.
  • Connect to data wherever it lives—in the cloud, data warehouses, Microsoft Excel, social media data, and other platforms.
  • Use a friendly drag-and-drop experience to prep, blend, and analyze data.
  • Provide scalable customization, scheduling, and publication of analytics. 



Get Started

Alteryx Designer is available for purchase from PantherExpress. It is not available for personal purchase.

Product List

As an authorized purchaser for PantherExpress for your department or area:

  1. Go to, login using your University Computing Account username and password, then access the PantherExpress task on the right-hand side.
  2. Search for Alteryx.
  3. Click Add to Cart.
  4. Enter each user's information, one user per line in the requested format (last name, first name, University Computing Account username), then click Add to Cart.
  5. An emailed receipt is sent to the user containing download instructions and the license key to complete the installation process.

A trial copy of Alteryx is available for first time users at 

Additional Resources:

Take a quick video tour to see how Self-Service Data Analytics works.


More Ways to Get the Most from Self-Service Data Analytics:

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