How to Transfer Files from Existing Cloud Accounts


Follow these simple steps to ensure your data is transferred to your personal accounts or devices, whether you are graduating or simply moving files from your Pitt-sponsored Cloud Storage accounts.



NOTE: Box is ending unlimited storage and putting in place significant changes to its licensing structure. After discussions with various stakeholders, analyzing survey feedback from Pitt Box users, and evaluating alternatives, the University has decided to replace Box with Microsoft OneDrive for cloud storage and collaboration by August 2022.

Moving to OneDrive enables integration with powerful Office 365 collaboration tools like Teams and SharePoint, while leveraging the University’s strategic partnership with Microsoft to provide many of the same cloud storage capabilities users are accustomed to with Box.

The University has selected a cloud-migration tool called SkySync (replacing the previous tool) to automate the migration of your files from Box to OneDrive. More information about the SkySync migration process will be provided soon.

 Get more information about the migration.>

As a Pitt student, you have access to free Cloud storage by Microsoft OneDrive and Electronic Research Notebooks (LabArchives). Upon graduation, you will no longer be able to access these same Pitt-sponsored accounts. Be sure to save your files before you lose access to this cloud storage.

Whether you are graduating or simply moving files from your Pitt-sponsored Cloud Storage accounts, follow these simple steps to ensure your data is safely transferred to your personal accounts or devices.


Transfer Files from Microsoft OneDrive

If you don't already have a personal Microsoft Live account, go to and create a new account (be sure to use an email address different from email address). Download the files from your Pitt OneDrive account to your computer, then upload those files to your new, personal OneDrive account.

If you wish, you can also transfer ownership of OneDrive folders to another individual by following the steps below: 

  1. Share your folder(s) with the person to whom you would like to transfer the files. 

  2. Have the individual log in to and open the shared folder. 
    Note: To view all shared folders, click the Shared option on the left-hand side of the screen.

  3. Have the individual click the blue checkbox next to each folder/file that needs to be transferred. 

  4. In the top-middle bar, select Copy to or Move to
    Note: You may have the click the More button (…) to view these options. The Move to option is only available if the person to whom you are transferring files has Edit access to the folder.


  5. Have the individual select a folder on their personal OneDrive (or on a Microsoft Teams or SharePoint site that they are a member of) where they would like to copy/move the files. 
    Important: Please make sure the individual keeps their browser window open while the files are being move/copied.

Transfer tip: If you need to store department-owned files (as opposed to personal files) in the cloud, consider using a Teams or SharePoint site. The benefit to storing department-owned files in Teams or SharePoint is that you will not have to transfer folders to another user when someone leaves the University.  

Transfer Files from Box

You have a couple options to manage the files you keep in your Pitt-sponsored Box account:

  • Go to and create a personal account. Be sure to use an email address different from your email address. Download the files from your Pitt Box account to your computer, then upload them to your new, personal Box account.

  • Or, rather than moving your cloud-based files, you can change ownership of the files already in your Box account. First, consolidate your existing Box-based files into a single folder in Box. Then create a new, personal Box account (again, use an email address different from your email address). Once the new account is created, transfer ownership of your Pitt-supported Box folder to your newly created personal account.

Transfer Files from Electronic Research Notebooks (LabArchives)

Be sure to download and save your research files if you used LabArchives' cloud storage for organizing and managing your lab data — in compliance with research data policies, of course.

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If you have any questions about transferring your files from these cloud storage options, contact the Technology Help Desk.



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