Windows 11 Compatibility with University of Pittsburgh Services


Table summarizing the results of our Windows 11 testing.




The following table summarizes the results of our Windows 11 testing. This table will be updated with additional results as testing is completed.

Important: Windows 11 may be incompatible with devices that are more than three years old because of its stringent hardware requirements, which include an Intel 8th gen 64-bit 1GHz or faster processor, a TPM 2.0 chip, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB storage. Be sure to verify hardware compatibility before installing Windows 11.   

Note: Devices purchased through the University's Computing Equipment Purchasing and Standardization Program are compatible with Windows 11. 






Windows 11 Compatibility

Service/Application Test Results         Notes
Accounts Self-Service ( Pass  
Adobe Creative Cloud and others Pass  
Azure Lab Services Pass You can connect to Azure Lab Services with Windows 11, but you cannot build an entire lab of Windows 11 machines.
Azure Virtual Desktop Pass  
Box Pass Box announced full Windows 11 support on Oct. 15, 2021, including support for Box Drive, Box Tools, Box for Office and Box Sync v 2.24.198
Cognos Pass  
Document Management (Perceptive Content / ImageNow) Pass One specific function used by some departments is negatively impacted. Contact your IT Department or Perceptive Content prior to upgrading to ensure that you will not be affected.
Emergency Notification Service (ENS) Pass  
Enterprise Active Directory Pass  
Enterprise Device Management (Intune) Pass  
Enterprise Device Management (MEMCM or SCCM) Pass Pass without OS deployment available; plan for OSD and official compatibility by installing MEMCM 2110 as soon as GA.
Enterprise Remote Work Pass  
eSignature Service (DocuSign) Pass  
Lecture Capture (Panopto/Pitt Video) Pass  
Multifactor Authentication (Duo) Pass  
myPitt ( Pass  
NotifyU Text Messaging Service Pass  
Office 365 Pro Plus Pass  
PantherExpress Pass  
Pitt Email Pass  
Pitt Password Manager (LastPass) Pass  
Pitt Print Pass  
Pitt Worx Pass  
PittNet - Eduroam Pass  
PittNet Guest Wi-Fi (Anyroam) Pass  
PittNet VPN (Global Protect) Pass Successfully tested with 5.2.5-84, 5.2.6-87, and 5.2.7-37.
PittNet VPN (GlobalProtect) Pass Successfully tested with and
PittNet Wi-Fi Pass  
PittNet Wired Pass  
PRISM Pass Computers must be running Java8 and a compatible browser configuration.
Residence Hall Wi-Fi (MyResNet) Pass  
Sassafras (Keyaccess) Pass  
Software Download Service ( Pass  
Student Information System (PeopleSoft) Pass  
Tableau Software Pass  
Virtual Computing Lab Pass  
Zoom Video Conferencing Pass Successfully tested with Zoom version, 5.8.1 (1435); Zoom Rooms have not yet been validated.



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