Research Computing and Data (RCD)

The Center for Research Computing (CRC) enables leading-edge research with both free  and paid options for access to advanced computing hardware and software resources for diverse fields across the Pitt community. Coupled with targeted training and personalized consultation, CRC helps shape innovative ideas into reality by supporting state-of-the-art computational approaches such as AI/machine learning, simulation and modeling, data-driven health sciences, and digital humanities. RCD is a collaboration between the Office of Research and Pitt IT.

About This Service

Key Features

  • High-performance & high-throughput computing (HPC/HTC): The CRC ecosystem provides high-performance and high-throughput computing capabilities, allowing researchers to perform computationally intensive tasks efficiently. The availability of powerful high-end computing resources enables faster data processing, simulations, modeling, and analysis, accelerating research outcomes.

  • Data storage: Free provisions of storage space are established for research groups so data can live close to the compute resources for processing. This includes fixed-quota (75 GB) home directories for each user in the group, and a research project directory (starting at 5 TB) that is shared between the users. A multitude of secure and reliable tools are available for transferring data between the clusters and external filesystems.

  • Broadly inclusive access methods: The CRC ecosystem is designed to be approachable to a broad user base, from beginners who require a familiar graphical user interface to seasoned experts who prefer a Linux terminal. Our access portals support a wide range of usage patterns to ensure a straightforward transition for researchers scaling out their computational work beyond their laptops and desktops to the CRC.

  • RCD Consultation: Our cross-disciplinary team of computational scientists can assist with algorithm and workflow optimization, coding best practices, automation, and computing infrastructure planning.

Service Request Forms

One-time Startup Allocation Request Faculty can use this form to request a CRC user account and starter allocation of computational resources and data storage space
Resource Allocation Request Faculty or a Delegate on their existing allocation can use this form to request additional computational resources
Course Allocation Request Instructors can request computational resources and data storage space in support of a class
Data Storage Request Faculty or a Delegate on their existing allocation can request more data storage space

Getting and Using This Service

How do I request this service?

Faculty – Use the One-time Startup Allocation Request form to establish a CRC user account and allocation of resources

Who can use this service?

Students, Researchers, Students


How do I get help?

Existing CRC users should submit a ticket by clicking the Request Help button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Guidelines for Purpose of Submission:

  •     For general support requests, select “Other”
  •     Faculty can assign a delegate user on their allocation with “Assign a delegate to my allocation”
  •     Faculty or a Delegate on their existing allocation can request CRC user accounts on behalf of their students and research staff with “Add a user to my allocation”
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