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Vincent Payment Solutions offers a flexible methodology to execute payments to individuals outside of a traditional Accounts Payable vendor structure. Payments are made in a controlled, auditable environment with minimal risk and exposure to staff or clients.



About This Service

Key Features

  • Flexible payment options: Vincent Payment Solutions offers a wide range of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks, giving businesses and their customers greater flexibility.
  • Enhanced security: The service utilizes advanced security measures to protect against fraud and ensure that sensitive information is kept safe.
  • Fast transactions: Transactions are processed quickly and efficiently, helping businesses improve their cash flow and provide a better customer experience.
  • Customizable features: The service can be customized to meet the unique needs of individual businesses, including integration with existing systems and the ability to set up recurring payments.

Getting and Using This Service

How do I access this service?

How do I request this service?

This service is provided by Purchase, Pay and Travel.  For additional information visit their System, Access and Training page.

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How do I get help?

Submit a ticket by clicking the Request Help button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Alternate Support Process

Technical assistance from Oracle is obtained through submission of service requests/help tickets directly to Oracle Support, if needed.

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Vincent Payment Solutions™ is the University’s payment solution for medical study participants and other applicable individuals. Vincent Payment Solutions™ allows for the issuance of non-personalized, re-loadable, MasterCard-branded, stored value cards.


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