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Pitt Mobile is the official app of the University of Pittsburgh and delivers an enhanced Pitt Experience right to your mobile device. Easily access services and resources from the Campus Guide and create quick access to the resources you use most. Plan out your day by adding events to your in-app personal calendar.



About This Service

Key Features

  • Access to important information: Pitt Mobile provides access to important University information such as class schedules, campus maps, event calendars, and news updates.
  • Real-time bus tracking: The app provides real-time bus tracking, allowing users to see where Pitt shuttles are and when they will arrive at their location.
  • Personalized experience: The app offers a personalized experience by allowing users to customize their dashboard and receive personalized content based on their interests and preferences.

Getting and Using This Service

How do I access this service?

How do I request this service?

Access to this service is automatically granted if you are a member of the group that has been assigned permission to use this service.

Who can use this service?

Students, Faculty, Staff


How do I get help?

Submit a ticket by clicking the Request Help button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

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