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LastPass Password Manager simplifies your life by saving your passwords in a secure vault you can access from any device, using a single, strong master password.



About This Service

Key Features

  • Never forget a password: Store all your important passwords in a secure, searchable vault.
  • Simplify logging in: Password Manager fills in login fields for you—no typing required.
  • Create stronger passwords: Password Manager detects when you are creating or changing a password and can generate a strong, complex password for you.
  • Take it with you: You can use Password Manager at home, at work, or on the go with the mobile app.  
  • Share securely: Conveniently and safely share passwords and notes.

Getting and Using This Service

How do I access this service?

How do I request this service?

Enroll in This Service: Account Enrollment

Who can use this service?

Students, Faculty, Staff

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Submit a ticket by clicking the Request Help button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

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