Using Announcements in Elentra


Community Announcements

Announcements are used to communicate important information regarding courses and other communities in Elentra.



Where to view Announcements

By default, all courses will have an Announcements page, accessible from the Course Navigation menu on the left side of the community home page. Courses and communities can also be configured to show a feed of recent announcements on the home page. 

Depending on your notification settings, you can also receive Announcements via email.

To check your notification settings, click the person icon in the upper right corner and select Notification Preferences from the dropdown menu.


Click on Community Notifications.


By default, community notifications are enabled. To turn off all email communications, select Disable Community Notifications and click Save.



To turn off notifications for specific groups, use the check boxes to select which email notifications you wish to receive and click Save.


Please note: Administrators do not have the ability to bypass notification settings for important messages. If you disable all community notifications or notifications from specific courses, you are responsible for checking the community Announcements page for important communications. 

Who can create announcements?

Only community administrators have the ability to post announcements. Community administrator status is separate from your assigned role in Elentra and must be added individually for each community.

For course communities, generally only the Course Directors and Curriculum Coordinators are added as community administrators by default. If you believe you should be a community administrator and do not have these privileges, please submit a service request to Health Sciences IT.


How to create Announcements 

Navigate to the Announcements page in the left-side Course Navigation.


Click Add Announcement.


Provide a title and body for your announcement.

To send your Announcement via email, select Notify Community Members of Announcement. Note that this cannot bypass notification settings for users who have disabled email communications.

To limit the visibility of your announcement to a specific time frame, select a time and date for Release Start and/or Release Finish. 



When you are finished editing, click Save.



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