Getting Started with Dell SupportAssist


Dell SupportAssist is a technology that provides automated technical support for your Dell PC. SupportAssist identifies hardware and software issues on your device, both predictively and proactively. The program also addresses PC performance and stabilization issues, monitors and detects hardware failures, prevents security threats, and automates the engagement process for your IT administrators with Dell Technical support. SupportAssist also provides its users with the ability to manually update drivers, scan the hardware, and optimize their PC.

Dell SupportAssist is configured and deployed on your PC by your IT administrator. You can use only the features that are enabled by your IT administrator for your PC.


Key Features

  • Predictive and proactive issue detection.
  • Ability to check and install driver updates available for your PC.
  • Ability to scan your PC hardware to identify issues, if any.
  • Ability to clean temporary files, optimize network connectivity, tune the PC performance, and remove viruses and malware.
  • Provision to troubleshoot common PC issues.
  • Provision to view details of SupportAssist events and activities that were performed on a particular day, week, or month.
  • Ability to access the SupportAssist user interface through a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection.
  • Ability to enable temporary administrator access for the PC users to use SupportAssist.



Run SupportAssist

The following steps provide a walk-through on running SupportAssist on your computer.

  1. Open SupportAssist
    1. Type in SupportAssist in the search bar located next to the Windows icon.
    2. If SupportAssist is not installed on your computer please visit Explore SupportAssist for Home PCs | Dell US to download.
  2. You will then be directed to the homepage.

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  1. Click the Full system scan button
  2. Several tasks are provided. You may choose to scan one, or scan all.
    1. Check for updates: SupportAssist will check for and apply any software updates found on your PC to resolve issues and increase stability.
    2. Scan hardware: A scan will be performed on your PC’s hardware to check for and resolve issues.
    3. Boost performance: SupportAssist will free up hard drive space, remove clutter, and improve performance with file optimization.
    4. Optimize network: SupportAssist will keep you connected and update device settings to ensure your network is efficient and reliable.
    5. Remove viruses: Your PC can be protected from harmful viruses and malware if you upgrade your plan to ProSupportPlus.

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     5. Once you have selected the task(s), click the blue Start button. 

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     6. Status updates will be provided to you throughout the duration of the process.

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     7. Once the scans and updates are complete, SupportAssist will provide you with results in which you can view additional details.

  1. Clicking the Check the History page link will provide you with more detailed information on your system's activity history

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     8. Dell SupportAssist has completed the scan.

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