Troubleshooting the Zoom desktop application

When users are reporting issues with the Zoom client (crashes, freezing,etc.) the below instructions have been provided by Zoom support.

Solution A: Uninstall Zoom Manually and Reinstall

Follow the device specific instructions on this webpage to uninstall and reinstall Zoom from your computer:

Once installed, please login to your Zoom app and you can proceed to do some tests.

Solution B: Uninstall and Reinstall Zoom Using CleanZoom (Windows only)

CleanZoom will help you remove the Zoom app completely on your machine if Solution A does not work.

Please click on this CleanZoom link:
Once you have downloaded the CleanZoom.exe file, please run the file and restart your machine.

After your machine rebooted, please go to Zoom Download Center page ( and download the Zoom app installer and follow the steps to install Zoom.


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