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Information Technology and the Office of Public Safety have combined the systems used to send Emergency Notification Service (ENS) alerts and NotifyU text messages into a single, mobile-friendly interface. Now you can manage your ENS and NotifyU contact information from one convenient location. 



Fast. Reliable. Mobile Friendly.

  • Receive emergency alerts more quickly.
  • Update your contact preferences from anywhere using the mobile-friendly interface.
  • Discover and subscribe to other helpful University text notification services on the “Opt-In Lists” tab.
  • Follow emergency alerts on Twitter and Facebook.


Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

Your ENS contact numbers and preferences have been moved to the new system. You can update them online: 

  1. Log in to with your University Computing Account.
  2. Review your contact information. 
  3. Click the Edit icon next to a phone number to update it. To add a new contact number, click the Add button under the Mobile Phones heading. 


A Few Other Points to Keep in Mind

  • Everyone at the University is subscribed to receive email alerts from ENS.
  • Text alerts arrive from four different phone numbers (67283, 226787, and 78015). Consider creating a “Pitt NotifyU” contact in your mobile phone and adding these numbers to the contact so it will be easy to tell when you receive an alert.
  • NotifyU and ENS share the same interface. This means that if you subscribe to a NotifyU list, the phone number you subscribe will also receive ENS alerts. Similarly, the phone numbers you subscribe to receive ENS alerts will also receive updates from any NotifyU lists you have joined. NotifyU is the system University departments use to send text message updates to subscribers. Some examples of NotifyU lists include “CSSD Alerts,” used to send texts about phishing scams and other security threats, and “CampusConnect,” used to send updates about upcoming Student Affairs events.


Enhancements for NotifyU Administrators

If you administer a NotifyU text update list, you will see a number of benefits:

  • Include a description of your list to encourage potential subscribers to join.
  • Take advantage of a mobile-friendly interface to send and manage text updates on the go.

In addition, the new system makes it easier than ever for students, faculty, and staff to find your list and subscribe to it. Your list is visible to everyone on a tab called “Opt-In Lists,” and this tab is located on the same page that students, faculty, and staff use to manage their ENS contact information.  

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