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International travel poses security risks to data stored on computers and mobile devices. Taking your laptop or mobile device when you travel significantly increases the possibility of data and identity theft. The International Loaner Program for International Travel offers loaner laptops, and smartphones to individuals traveling abroad to lessen the associated security risks while allowing full use of required software applications.

Devices are available to faculty and staff for the purpose of conducting University business and program activities during international travel. Devices and a limited data plan are provided at no charge. Other costs such as data overage charges; international voice; text messaging; and lost, stolen or damaged equipment are the responsibility of the borrower and his or her department.

Please Note: You must complete a Device Request no later than 10 working days prior to your departure date. This is required to ensure that a device and its services can be successfully provisioned prior to your departure.



Request a Device

Device Requests Must be Made 10 Working Days Prior to Your Departure Date
  1. Register your trip through the International SOS MyTrips portal.
  2. Complete the International Loaner Program Device Request form.
    Note: While the service is free, you will need to provide a departmental account number to cover telephone overages or to replace damaged or lost hardware. It’s best to have the department account number on hand before you begin filling out the form.
  3. Pitt IT will contact you to let you know where and when you can pick up the device(s).
Loan Terms and Conditions

Available Devices & Software

Devices are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting a request does not guarantee that a device will be available.

Laptop Software

Connecting to Pitt

During your international travel, you can connect your device securely to the University by accessing the Secure Remote Access Service through a Web browser or by using GlobalProtect or Global Protect VPN, which is the default client installed on all loaned devices.

Returning Devices

All borrowed devices must be returned within one week of your arrival in the United States. Perform the following to secure your data before returning your device.

  • Do not connect a loaned device to Wireless PittNet or to any wired network ports at the University.
  • Transfer any data that you want to keep from the device. Pitt IT will securely erase the device when you return it, so it is your responsibility to transfer any data that you want to retain.
  • Change your University Computing Account password at My Pitt. Log in, click Manage My Account in the left-hand menu, click Password Change, and follow the instructions.


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