Create Voicemail Forwarding Rule in Microsoft Teams


This article explains how to create a rule to forward voicemail in Microsoft Teams.



1. Open Outlook Web (

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right, then click View all Outlook settings.

3. Click Rules.

4. Click Add new rule.

5. In the top text field, type a name like “Forward Voicemails.”

6. In Add a condition, complete these steps:

a. Change the drop-down to Subject includes.

b. In the text field, add Voice mail (

7. In Add an action, complete these steps:

a. Select Forward to

b. In the text field, add the email address (Teams should search the address list).

8. Click Add another action and complete these steps:

a. Select Move to

b. Select a folder, such as Archive

9. Click Add another action, and select Mark as read.

10. Deselect Stop processing more rules.

11. Click Save.




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