Enrolling in a LastPass Business Account


This article describes how to enroll a business account in Pitt Password Manager (LastPass).



1. Log in to accounts.pitt.edu, click Login & Security, and click Enroll in Pitt Password Manager (LastPass).  

Login & Security Drop Down With Enroll in Pitt Password Manager (LastPass) Selected

2. Click the Enroll in Enterprise Account button. 

Highlighted Enroll in Enterprise Account Button

3. A confirmation email will be sent to your Pitt email address.  

4. Open the email message from your University inbox. Click the link to reset your master password. 

LastPass Confirmation Email with Click Here Highlighted

5. The Create an Account screen displays. Your University email address and temporary password are pre-populated in the appropriate fields. Choose a master password and re-enter it in the Confirmation field. When you are ready, click Save Master Password.

LastPass Create An Account Screen

6. You may be prompted to install the LastPass extension for your web browser. Click Download next to your preferred browser. We recommend using the Quick Install link at the top of the page.  

Note: If you use Safari, Apple requires you to download and install a Mac App to get the extension. Learn more... 

Note: If you do not receive the prompt and already have the LastPass extension installed, proceed to step 9. 

LastPass for Chrome Screen with Quick Install Highlighted

7. Click the button to add the extension to your web browser.  

Chrome Webstore with Add to Chrome Highlighted

8. Confirm the installation if prompted to do so.    

Add Extension Confirmation Pop Up

9. Click the LastPass icon that now displays in the top right-hand corner of your web browser. If a pop-up window displays offering you the option to Sign In or Create an Account, click Sign In

LastPass Get Started Pop Up with Sign In Highlighted

10. Enter your University email address in the Email field, your master password in the Master Password field, and click Log In.  

LastPass Login Pop Up with Log In Highlighted

11. You'll be prompted to set up Duo multifactor authentication. Enter your University email address and master password, then click Begin Enabling Duo Security

Setup Duo Security Screen

12. Enter your University Computing Account username and click OK.

LastPass Username Confirmation Field

13. The Multifactor Has Been Enabled screen displays. Click download our extension here

Multifactor Has Been Enabled Screen

14. Click the LastPass icon in your browser again. Enter your University email address and master password, then click Log In.   

LastPass Login Pop Up with Log In Highlighted

15. Authenticate using the University's multifactor authentication service (Duo).  

Duo Multifactor Authentication Screen

16. You may be prompted to import any passwords that are saved in your web browser. We recommend you import these passwords. 

17. You may also be prompted to save your first password. You may skip this step, if you like.  

18. The You're all set! pop-up window displays. Click Let's Go

19. Your Pitt Password Manager vault opens. Your University email address will appear in the upper right-hand corner under the label Enterprise User.  

LastPass Password Manager Vault


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Next steps

  1. Don't forget to disable your browser's built-in password manager. This helps avoid the confusion that can arise when both Pitt Password Manager and your browser ask you to save a password. In addition, LastPass is a much more secure method of storing passwords than your web browser.

  2. Make sure to set up SMS recovery on your account. This allows you to recover your Pitt Password Manager master password if you ever forget it. 

  3. Review the help resources on our webpage to get started using Pitt Password Manager. 

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