Transferring Ownership of Files Stored on University-provided Services


If you are leaving the University, please make certain to transfer ownership of any University files on University-provided services—for example, Box, OneDrive for Business, Electronic Research Notebooks (LabArchives), Lecture Capture (Panopto), eSignature Service (DocuSign), and Online Survey System (Qualtrics)—before your account expires.

Anyone you have shared your files with will lose access after your account expires unless you transfer ownership in advance to another University user.

Please follow the instructions below to transfer ownership.



Before you begin, make sure you have already shared the folder with the person to whom you are transferring ownership. You will also need to be the owner of the folder to complete these steps.

1. Click on the folder. The people with whom you are sharing the folder display as collaborators in the right-hand pane. 

2. Click on the ellipsis beside a collaborator’s name and select Owner from the drop-down list.

screenshot of selecting the Owner permission

3. A pop-up message may display asking for confirmation. Click Okay.


  • If you are transferring ownership of a folder that contains a large number of subfolders, the transfer process may time out. You may need to try a few times before the transfer is successful.
  • After you transfer ownership of a folder, you will no longer be able to add collaborators to—or remove them from—the folder.   


Electronic Research Notebooks (LabArchives)

The disposition of electronic lab notebooks of research staff departing the University falls under the same Guidelines for Research Data Management as other types of research data. If you are leaving the University, you will need to transfer ownership of all your notebooks to another University account for recordkeeping purposes. If you are not sure to whom to transfer notebook ownership or need help, please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.

1. Select the Notebook you wish to transfer from the Notebook Navigator drop-down menu in the left-hand column.

2. Click the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Notebook Settings.

3. Click User Management on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. If the notebook is not shared with the person to whom you are transferring it, click New User in the upper right-hand corner and add the user to whom you want to transfer ownership.

5. Click the Transfer Ownership icon next to your name.

screenshot of how to transfer ownership

6. Select the user to whom you are transferring the notebook, and click Transfer Ownership.

7. Click OK to confirm the transfer.

Note: Departing staff can also use the PDF or offline notebook export functions to create portable copies of lab notebooks, if permitted.


Microsoft OneDrive

Transferring ownership of folders in OneDrive involves adding a co-owner to the folder you wish to transfer, having that co-owner transfer the folder’s contents to a new location in their own OneDrive account, and then having the co-owner recreate any sharing permissions on that folder. Follow these instructions:  

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to your OneDrive file library.
  2. Right-click the name of the folder you wish to transfer.
  3. Click Details.
  4. Click the Manage Access link in the window that appears on the right.
  5. Click Grant Access.
  6. In Enter names or email addresses… field, search for the person to whom you want to assign permissions, then click on their name to select it.
  7. Leave the setting Can Edit.
  8. Optional: Enter a personal message explaining why you are sharing the folder.
  9. Click Grant Access.
  10. The new editor will now see the folder in their own OneDrive file library under the Shared tab on the left-hand menu.
  11. Ask the new editor to download the contents of your folder and transfer those contents to a new folder that they create within their own OneDrive account (or another cloud service like Box).
  12. Ask the new editor to share their new folder with the same people who had access to your folder.


Lecture Capture (Panopto)

Follow the steps below to transfer ownership of a video.

  1. Have the colleague to whom you want to transfer the video create a new folder in his or her Lecture Capture (Panopto) account.
  2. Ask your colleague to share the new folder with you and set your permission to “can create.”
  3. Log in to your Lecture Capture (Panopto) account and search for the video(s) you’d like to transfer.
  4. Once you have found the video(s), click and drag them to the new folder that your colleague has shared with you. Your colleague’s folder should display on the left-hand side of the screen under the My Folders heading.
  5. Click OK to confirm the transfer of the video(s). 


eSignature Service (DocuSign)

You do not have the ability to transfer ownership of your envelopes and templates to other eSignature Service (DocuSign) users. If you wish to transfer ownership of envelopes or templates, please submit a request to the Technology Help Desk and an eSignature Service (DocuSign) administrator will follow up with you.


Online Survey System (Qualtrics) Access

Before you leave the University, please submit a request to the Technology Help Desk to transfer ownership of your surveys and survey results to your supervisor. You cannot transfer ownership of your surveys and survey results to any other Online Survey System (Qualtrics) user.

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