Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Microsoft Imagine) Software


Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, formerly Microsoft Imagine, puts professional, no-cost developer tools, including Visual Studio Enterprise, in the hands of students and faculty. These titles allow users to create cross-platform apps, manage application lifecycles, create modern reports with actionable insights, and more. Students can use the tools to develop and create apps, games, and websites.

Software available through Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is intended for educational purposes only, rather than for infrastructure and/or production environments.

Benefits of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Titles

  • Provide coordination of test management activities, code sharing, and source repositories from a central location with Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise



Getting Started with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is Easy

  1. Visit Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and click Sign In.
    Note: First time users provide their Pitt Email address at the Microsoft login prompt, then click Next.
    Microsoft Login Window
  2. Log in with your University Computing Account username and password. 
    Note: Azure Dev Tools for Teaching uses Pitt Passport single sign-on and multifactor authentication.
  3. Check the Subscription Agreement box, then click Accept terms.

    Microsoft Azure Status Successfully Verified Window
  4. First time users can choose to take a brief tour.
    Microsoft Azure Welcome Screen
  5. To view the list of available developer titles, Click Software.
    Microsoft Azure Software Title List
  6. Click a software title, then click Download or Activate.
  7. Follow any onscreen prompts to complete your download.
  8. From the upper right-hand corner, click your account profile.
    Microsoft Azure Profile Button with Email and Organization
  9.  From the drop-down menu, click Sign out, then close the browser session.


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