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Message Regarding the Vendor

MacKichan Software–the vendor for Scientific Workplace–is no longer in business. Pitt Information Technology is providing this software as-is. Licensing is still available from the Software Download Service but the vendor no longer provides updates or support. Additional Windows security patches and updates may cause the software to cease to function at any time without the possibility of recovery.

For more information, please visit the vendor site.

Mathematical and Scientific Typesetting Software

Scientific WorkPlace streamlines writing, sharing, and typesetting mathematical and scientific text. This user-friendly word processor combines mathematics and text on the same platform. MuPAD 5, a computer algebra engine, is integrated within Scientific Workplace to allow users to perform correct formatted computations and print them out.

Key Benefits

  • Embeds LaTeX typesetting program for superior precision and quality
  • Automatically formats task for increased productivity 
  • Seamlessly share portable work files across all platforms


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