Enterprise Network File Storage (Andrew File System)


The University offers a distributed network file storage system known as the Andrew File System (AFS). You can store files and documents on remote AFS servers and access those files as easily as if they were stored locally on your computer. This file storage system was specifically designed for Unix users. Every student, faculty, and staff member with an active University Computing Account has access to the University of Pittsburgh's AFS space.

Access the University of Pittsburgh's AFS cell "pitt.edu" by using one of two ways. Log into Unix Timesharing (please refer to our Unix Timesharing page) or use an AFS client from www.openafs.org on your personal system. When accessing the University of Pittsburgh's AFS cell using an AFS client on your own computer, Kerberos 5 authentication is needed to upload or modify files. For information on Kerberos 5 authentication, please refer to our Kerberos page.

Before you graduate, download personal web sites, files, or other documents from your Pitt AFS account. Content stored in AFS will not be available after graduation.  Authorization for the purging, permanent removal, and/or deletion of files or documents owned by users no longer affiliated with the University applies based on specific criteria that is approved by the CIO.


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