Understanding Software Compliance Policies


Software Compliance for Everyone

The University has established a number of policies related to technology services. The policy on Acceptable Computing Access and Use addresses software.



Software Compliance for Students

Pitt Information Technology distributes commercial software to registered full-time and part-time University of Pittsburgh students. Software is provided to students under the terms and conditions of the University’s contracts with software vendors. Therefore, student use of this software is governed by those terms and conditions. Although some software publishers may have additional requirements, the following rules apply to all students:

  1. Students do not own the software. Students have the right to use the software according to the applicable rules.
  2. The right to use the software applies to the individual student only. Students may not give, sell, lend, or lease the software to any other person.
  3. Software vendors may limit the number of times a program can be installed on any one computer.
  4. A student may not receive more than one copy of any given version of any software program.

The rules for student use of commercial software are governed by the University of Pittsburgh Student Code of Conduct and by federal copyright law. Violations of the terms and conditions for use of this software may result with the following disciplinary action(s):

  • Civil or criminal action against the violator by Microsoft Corporation or other third party.
  • Complaint filed with the Student Judicial System.
  • Loss of privileges to receive software under University agreements.
  • Other disciplinary action and/or sanctions that may be appropriate based on the nature of the violation.

Software Compliance for Departments

The University, through the Pitt IT software distribution service, makes commercial software available for departmental research and academic use under the terms and conditions of agreements with software vendors. Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions for Departmental Use of Licensed University Software.


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