Getting Started with Faculty Information System (Elements)


The University's Faculty Information System (Elements) provides a single point of organization, presentation, and reporting of scholarly and research activities. From publications and research data to grants, teaching and professional activities, Elements can be used to collect, understand, and showcase scholarly activities while making the data available for repurpose and reuse. Elements reduces the time and effort spent managing information about your research publications by automatically harvesting information from an extensive range of academic and scientific data sources. Research and professional activities, bibliographic data, and evidence of impact are combined in a single point of organization, presentation, and reporting. Integration with other campus systems provides the ability to promote and connect your scholarship and impact to others in the University community. 



Key Benefits:

  • Automate publication claiming: Confirm an author identifier and Elements will automatically claim all associated publications for it — now and in the future.
  • Find experts and potential collaborators: Search the database using simple or advanced criteria for publication metadata, colleague research interests, and teaching or professional activities including and other areas of interest.
  • Showcase academic achievements and evidence of impact: Collect and reuse information pertaining to scholarly output to create a rich online profile for viewing by peers at the institution and reuse in departments and schools.
  • Generate CVs, Biosketches, and Faculty Reports: Export profile information using the pre-defined template formats for output, editing, and sharing with peers, administrators, chairs, and deans. 

Get Started:

  1. Log in to the Faculty Information System (Elements) via My Pitt ( with your University Computing Account username and password.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts in the My Actions section to take the recommended actions. This may include adding author identifiers to help the system find your publications, claiming publications that are awaiting your approval, linking publications to peers and funding, and other suggested actions.
    Note: To view "how-to" videos about important Faculty Information System (Elements) topics, select Help from the upper right-hand side of the window. 

More Ways to Get the Most from the Faculty Information System (Elements):

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FACULTY INFORMATION SYSTEM Faculty Information System (Elements) provides a single point of organization, presentation, and reporting of scholarly and research activities.