Understanding Enterprise Spam and Virus Filter with Exchange Online Protection


For spam and viruses, Microsoft 365 Email–Pitt Email (Outlook)–includes integrated mail filtering that quarantines suspect messages so they do not wind up in your inbox. Microsoft brands this function as Exchange Online Protection. The University also employs Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection measures for Pitt Email. These functions scan embedded links and attached documents in email messages and render them inert if they are found to be malicious. Bulk mail is a unique category of email that some people consider to be spam and others do not. You can choose how aggressively you would like the University’s spam filtering service to filter by adjusting or Customizing Your Bulk Mail Filtering using the email preferences for bulk mail via Manage Your Account.


Key Benefits:

  • Review quarantined messages: Ensure no legitimate messages have been flagged as spam. An email message will be sent periodically with a listing of flagged messages. This message will contain links that will let you release the message to your inbox or report it as not junk.
  • Identify approved senders: Adjust filtering settings so that wanted message should not be flagged in the future, if for some reason messages from them have wound up in quarantine.
  • Secure and protect your email inbox from:
    • Unwanted mass mailings (spam)
    • Messages with malicious payloads (viruses)
    • Messages with links that will steal information or download malicious software (phishing) 

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Choose one of the following options to access the Enterprise Spam and Virus Filter Service:

2. Select HomeThreat ManagementReview, and click Quarantine.

3. Review flagged messages, release to your inbox, or report for further investigation. 

More Ways to Manage your Pitt Email (Outlook) Using the Enterprise Spam and Virus Filter Service

Review Quarantined Messages in Office 365 Webmail Interface (via My Pitt)
Review EOP Spam Notification Messages
Reporting Junk Mail in Office 365 Webmail (via My Pitt)
Reporting Junk Mail in Outlook (Desktop Email Client)
Designating Approved Senders using the Office 365 Webmail Interface (via My Pitt or Desktop Email Client)
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