Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a secure email application that keeps Pitt Faculty, Staff and Students connected and protected with their email, calendar and files all in one place. Outlook can be accessed via the web or installed on Windows or Mac systems. 

About This Service

Key Features

  • Efficient email management: Outlook offers a range of features to help users manage their email more efficiently, including automatic categorization, filtering, and archiving.
  • Calendar management: Outlook's calendar feature allows users to schedule appointments, meetings, and events, and provides features such as reminders and scheduling assistance.
  • Integration: Outlook integrates with other Microsoft applications, such as OneDrive and Teams, making it easy to access files and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Security: Outlook provides advanced security features, such as spam filtering and phishing protection, to help protect users from email-based threats.
  • Mobile accessibility: Outlook is accessible on mobile devices, allowing users to manage their email and calendar on the go.

Getting and Using This Service

How do I access this service?

How do I request this service?

Access to this service is automatically granted if you are a member of the group that has been assigned permission to use this service.

Who can use this service?

Students, Faculty, Staff

Maximum Acceptable Data Class

Public - Low risk internal or public data – Disclosure poses little to no harm

Data Risk Classification

FERPA - Non-Directory Student Records
GLBA - Student Financial Information
HIPAA - Protected Health Information
NIST 800-171 - Controlled Unclassified Information
PCI DSS - Payment Card Information



Status of Service Offering

How do I get help?

Submit a ticket by clicking the Request Help button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

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For spam and viruses, Microsoft 365 Email–Pitt Email (Outlook)–includes integrated mail filtering that quarantines suspect messages so they do not wind up in your inbox. Microsoft brands this function as Exchange Online Protection. The University also employs Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection measures for Pitt Email.


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