How To Report a Message as Junk Email in Outlook


There are different ways to flag a spam message that is delivered to your inbox. The method depends on whether you use the Pitt Email (Outlook) webpage to manage your mail or an Outlook client installed on your PC.


Reporting Junk Email Message using the Pitt Email (Outlook) Web Mail Interface

  1. You can access the Pitt Email (Outlook) web interface by logging into the My Pitt website using your University Computing Account username and password.
  2. Enter Pitt Email in the top right search bar.
  3. Select the Pitt Email (Outlook) result.
  4. Find the listing for the junk message in the inventory of messages on the Inbox view. Click on the line for the message so that it is highlighted and then click the check box that appears to the left of the sender's description.
  5. Click on the down arrow icon next to Junk in the ribbon of commands that are above the Inbox listings. Select Junk from the drop-down choices to move the message to your spam quarantine listing.

Reporting Junk Email Message using the Outlook Email Client

You can also manage your Exchange Online Protection junk mail directly from your Outlook email client running on your PC or laptop. However, you may need to download and install the block, then click the Block or Allow setting that displays below your search term.

To flag future messages from an individual sender, enter the offending from address (for example, in the field under the pencil and trash can icon under Blocked Senders. Click the plus sign icon to the right of the field to add it to the list below. Then click the Save link at the top of the page to save the changes. Adding just a domain name (for example, will quarantine messages from the entire domain, so be careful with this option.

You can add an email address to the Safe Senders and Recipients field to ensure that future messages are not flagged as spam by Exchange Online Protection. Enter the address in the field below the pencil and trash can icon. Click the plus sign to add the address to the list. Then click the Save icon at the top of the page. Adding just a domain name in this field will have no effect.


Note: To edit an existing email address in either the Blocked Senders or Safe Senders and Recipients fields, click the address to highlight it, then click the pencil icon. You can also click the trash can icon to remove an email address from either field.

Designating Safe or Blocked Senders with the Outlook Email Client

  1. Right-click the message in Outlook and select Junk.
  2. Choose whether to block the sender or never block the sender. You can also choose to block the sender's domain.
  3. Your list of safe/blocked senders will be updated accordingly.

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