OneDrive for Pitt and UPMC


Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that enables you to store, share, and sync your files from anywhere. OneDrive seamlessly integrates with other powerful Microsoft 365 tools, including Teams and SharePoint. You can learn more on Pitt IT’s Getting the Most from OneDrive page or on the UPMC OneDrive page on Infonet.


One benefit of using OneDrive to share content across Pitt and UPMC is that it eliminates the need to send and track email attachments. All your collaborators can access the most recent version of the shared file from any device and any location.  

Sharing UPMC Content with Pitt Users
Sharing Pitt Content with UPMC Users

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ONLINE FILE STORAGE Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage solution where you can update, store, share, and sync your files from anywhere.