Getting Started With Telephone and Voicemail


Pitt Information Technology offers two telephone, voice messaging, and conferencing services available to faculty and staff on all campuses – Avaya and Teams. Service options have features that include voicemail, local calling plans, on-campus phone lines, off-campus business lines, fax lines, authorization codes for phones with calling restrictions, automated call distribution (ACD), automated attendant, calling restrictions, toll free numbers, audio conferencing, emergency phones, and other advanced telephony services.

We work closely with departments and Facilities Management during the planning and construction process to provide the infrastructure needed for high-quality data and voice services.

All equipment is evaluated for upgrades on an annual basis. Maintenance is performed during established change windows and downtimes to ensure stable and reliable service.

Request Service

To request these services, use the online Voice and Data Services Request.


The University offers voicemail service to faculty and staff including a variety of standard features such as personalized greetings, envelope information, and forwarding of messages.

If you are a Teams user, you have access to voicemail.

To request voicemail for an Avaya device, use the online Voice and Data Services Request.

Optional Voicemail to Email

The Voicemail to Email service delivers voicemail messages to a faculty or staff member's Pitt Email (Outlook) address as an audio file attachment. Voicemail to Email is available to faculty and staff at the Pittsburgh campus only. You can listen to your voice messages on your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone using an application capable of playing .wav files (such as Windows Media player or iTunes). Once read, you can delete the message, forward it, or reply to it, just as you would any email message.

Note: You can only reply to voicemail messages via email if both you and the person who sent the message have opted in to Voicemail to Email and if you both use Enterprise Exchange.

Voicemail to Email works with the University's Enterprise Email system, Pitt Email (Outlook). The two-way integration with Enterprise Exchange email means that if you delete a voice message from your email, it will be automatically deleted from your voice mailbox at the same time.

If you are a Teams user, you have access to voicemail to email.

To request voicemail to email for your existing Avaya voice mailbox, submit an online help request. There is no cost for the service if you already have a voice mailbox.

If you do not already have a voice mailbox, you can request one by submitting the Voice and Data Services Request. There is a fee to set up your voice mailbox.



Faculty and Staff Services

The following services and features are available to faculty and staff:

Telephone Operators
Phone Lines
By-Request Telephone Features
Telecommunications Billing System
Additional Phone and Voice Services
Desktop Phone Models
Telecom Service Pricing
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