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Commonly Used Phone Features

Commonly used telephone features

Dialing Instructions for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff dialing instructions.

Dialing Instructions for Students

This article details phone dialing instructions for students at the University of Pittsburgh.

Forward Your Office Phone to Your Mobile Phone with SendToMobile

SendToMobile, available for University faculty and staff, extends calls from your University telephone to your mobile phone.

Getting Started With Telephone and Voicemail

Pitt Information Technology offers two telephone, voice messaging, and conferencing services available to faculty and staff on all campuses – Avaya and Teams.

Getting Started With the IT Billing System (PCR-360)

The Telecommunications / IT Billing system lets you view bills for your information technology services or phone bills in an easy-to-use web interface.

Learn About Telephone Conferencing Services (PGi)

The University Voice Conferencing service provides secure, on-demand service. It can join up to 300 parties across campus or around the globe. Conference calls can be held at any time, day or night, with no advance notice required.

Learn About University Voicemail Features

General information about voicemail

Making Emergency Calls from University Phones

Call 412-624-2121 in any situation that requires immediate assistance from University police, the fire department, or an ambulance.

Microsoft Teams – Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers concerning Microsoft Teams

Mobile Phone Program FAQs

Information for transferring a University-issued cell phone number to a personal wireless plan.

Phone Conferencing Features and Troubleshooting

How to begin and end conference calls. Also conference audio features.

Recommended Calling Devices on Microsoft Teams

Information about Teams-compatible calling devices

Setting Up Your Voicemail

Set up and access your voice mail box.

Signing In To Microsoft Teams on Legacy Polycom Phones

Learn how to connect your legacy Polycom phone to Microsoft Teams.

Tone Commander Phone Model 6210 and 6220 Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference sheet for the Tone Commander Model 6210 and 6220 phones

Transfer a Microsoft Teams Call Without Consulting

How to transfer a call without consulting in Microsoft Teams.

Transferring a Call After Consulting in Microsoft Teams

How to transfer a Teams call after consulting

Transferring Teams Calls on the Legacy Polycom Handset

How to transfer calls and set up conference calls using the Polycom handset on the University's digital voice service.

University of Pittsburgh Emergency Phone Numbers

A list of University emergency phone numbers

Using 4-Digit Passcodes with University Voice Conferencing

Using 4 digit passcodes in phone conferencing