Commonly Used Phone Features



These commonly used telephone features will save you time.







Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another University phone.

To activate, press [*] [2] from your phone. Enter the five-digit extension to which you want your calls to be forwarded. You will hear a confirmation tone. Hang up the handset.

To deactivate, press [#] [2]. You will hear a confirmation tone. Hang up the handset.

Call Pickup

Answer another ringing phone in your department. Must be enabled in advance by Pitt IT.

Press [#] [4].

Conference Calls

Conduct a conference call with up to three parties on basic phones.

Press the switch hook.

Dial the new party.

Press the switch hook to connect the party into the conference.

Last Number Redial

Quickly redial the last number you called.

Press [*] [4].

Priority Call

A three-ring burst is sent to alert your party that your call is urgent.

Dial your party's number, then press [*] [1] .

Send Call

Send calls directly to your voicemail.

Press [*] [3] to activate.

Press [#] [3] to deactivate.

Speed Dialing

Quickly dial frequently used phone numbers. Available only on phones with programmable buttons.

Press the speaker button.

Press [*] [0]

Press button you want to program.

Dial your party's number.

Press the button you programmed again. You will hear a three-beep confirmation.

Transfer a Call

Transfer a call from your phone to another party.

Press the switch hook and listen for the dial tone.

Dial the number to which you want to transfer the caller.

When the party answers, tell him/her that you are transferring a call.

Hang up and the call will be transferred.

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