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The University offers voicemail service to faculty and staff including a variety of standard features such as personalized greetings, envelope information, and message forwarding.



Optional Voicemail to Email

This optional service delivers your voicemail to your Pitt Email (Outlook) email address as an audio file attachment. Voicemail to Email is only available to faculty and staff at the Pittsburgh campus. You can listen to your voice messages on your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone. All you need is an application capable of playing .wav files (such as Windows Media player or iTunes). Once read, you can delete the message, forward it, or reply to it, just as you would any email message.

Note: You can only reply to voicemails via email if both the sender and you have opted in to Voicemail to Email.

Request Service

To request Voicemail to Email for your existing voice mailbox, submit an online help request. There is no cost for the service if you already have a voice mailbox.

If you do not already have a voice mailbox, you can request one by submitting the Voice and Data Services Request. There is a fee to set up your voice mailbox.

Detailed Help


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