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Upgrade to PittNet Gaming Network: As of April 30, 2021, regional campus residence hall students can register up to three devices on the PittNet Gaming Network. 


REGIONAL CAMPUS STUDENTS: Bring a gaming console or smart TV to campus? The PittNet Gaming Network provides wired and wireless access needed for online gameplay in regional campus residence halls, along with network access for other devices that cannot store a username and password. Register up to three devices, then connect using the method that is most convenient for you: plug into the wired network in your residence hall room on the Johnstown campus, or choose the convenience of the PITT-GAMING wireless connection available on all regional campuses. Wired network connections are only available in residence halls on the Johnstown campus. Students on the Greensburg campus need to enter a ticket to activate their connection.


Please note the following about the PittNet Gaming Network:

  • As a student living in a residence hall, you can register up to three devices.
  • A device can be registered for either the wired or wireless network.
  • Wired network connections are only available in residence halls on the Johnstown campus.
  • Some advanced features, like screen sharing, may not function properly.
  • Service areas may be limited on the Titusville campus.

Key Benefits

  • Choose up to three devices to register from many gaming system and smart TV options.
  • Enjoy fast, secure, easy-to-use gaming access from residence hall locations on regional campuses.
  • Connect to the gaming network at no additional cost.

Get Started in Four Steps

Step 1: Determine the Device to Connect

The University allows up to three devices at a time per resident student to connect to the PittNet Gaming Network.


Step 2: Obtain Your Device's MAC Address

What is a MAC Address?

To connect to the network you need the MAC address of the device you would like to use. If your device supports both wireless and wired connections, make sure that you get the MAC address corresponding to the connection method you will use.

The following section documents how to obtain the MAC address from commonly-used devices:

How Do I Determine My Device's MAC Address?

Step 3: Fill Out the Online Device Registration Form

Once you have your device's MAC Address, register it with Pitt Information Technology.

How do I Register My Device?

Step 4: Configure Your Device to Connect to the PittNet Gaming Network

A. Using an Ethernet Cable (available in residence halls on the Johnstown campus only)

Plug the cable into the ports for your device and your room's network port, then turn on your device to test connectivity.

B. Using Wireless (available in residence halls on all regional campuses)
How Do I Connect Using Wireless?

More Ways to Get the Most from the PittNet Gaming Network

Internet Connection Sharing (an alternative connection method)

While the PittNet Gaming Network offers a fast connection option for gaming consoles and smart TVs, other options enable access for units that do not have the capacity to authenticate to the University network. These procedures share the standard internet connection using a PC or laptop (through the room's data port or WIRELESS-PITTNET). These options involve additional hardware and may also require some assistance.

Configuring Your Windows PC to Support Internet Connection Sharing
Configuring Your Macintosh PC to Support Internet Connection Sharing
Configuring your Gaming Console to Use a Shared Internet Connection

Troubleshooting Connection Sharing

If your computer is having difficulty connecting after sleeping, hibernating, or rebooting, undo the connection sharing on the main Ethernet adapter, then re-share the connection.

Get Help

The Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your technology-related questions. Questions can also be submitted online.

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