Getting Started with Security Software Tools



Antivirus and Anti-spyware

Antivirus software for Windows and Mac computers are available at no cost. 

Understanding Antivirus for University Owned Systems


Secure Connection

PittNet VPN (GlobalProtect) provides students, faculty, and staff with the ability to connect to restricted University resources while off campus or when using the PittNet wireless network.


Password Protection

Pitt Password Manager (LastPass) makes it easy to generate strong, unique passwords for every Pitt-related and personal service you use. You can access and use those passwords from any device.



Students, faculty, and staff can use SecureZIP to encrypt files on their Windows computers. Faculty and staff can use tools available in the SecureU SharePoint site to encrypt their entire hard drive.


Security Vulnerability Scans

Departmental IT staff can use tools available in the SecureU SharePoint site to identify security vulnerabilities in Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.


Sensitive Information Discovery

Tools in the SecureU SharePoint site enable faculty and staff to scan for sensitive information that may be stored on Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations. Departmental IT staff can also use these tools to scan servers.


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