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The University's Software Download Service enables students, faculty, and staff to obtain software distributed at no cost through the University’s software licensing program. This service is only available to computers that have verified their identity with multifactor authentication using Pitt Passport, the University's single sign-on service. University-licensed software is available to all members of the University community with a primary University Computing Account. Academic Courseware for faculty is licensed and available only to eligible teaching faculty with a primary account. View the list of available Software titles to ensure that it's available for download or must be obtained via other Software Distribution sources. 


Key Benefits

  • Ease of use: Automatically access and easily download software on and off campus using a web browser.
  • Quickly find software: Search and filter to obtain featured software or browse by operating system, title, vendor, category, or keyword.
  • Download or upgrade the latest software: Titles are updated regularly and made available to ensure you can access the most up-to-date licensed software. 
  • Obtain compatible software: Each title also contains a detailed description, compatibility, and system requirements information to assist with ensuring you obtain what meets your specific computing needs.
  • Check out and work offline: Select academic courseware titles are available to eligible teaching faculty using KeyCheckout, a feature of KeyAccess. This enables the ability to check out licenses to use certain software programs on your computer locally without the need to be online.

Three Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Log in to the Software Download Service via My Pitt ( with your University Computing Account username and password.
  2. Search or browse for desired licensed software
  3. Click the title link to learn more and download

Faculty: Faculty must install a program called KeyAccess to use many academic courseware titles. You will be prompted if a software title you would like to download requires KeyAccess.

Related Information

Help Sheets

Accessing Pitt IT Services from China

The unique regulatory and political environment in China can create challenges for members of the University community attempting to access Pitt IT services. See how using this service from within mainland China may be impacted by those regulations.

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