Examsoft General Information and Assistance Instructions


General Information

Multiple schools within the University use a secure testing software made by Examsoft (newly acquired by Turnitin during Oct 2022).


How to Find Help

If the below troubleshooting section doesn't help and you need to create a ticket for Examsoft, different departments are handled by different groups in the University:

Dental Medicine

Tickets are handled by Health Sciences IT.

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Tickets are handled by Health Sciences IT.


Tickets are handled by Health Sciences IT.

School of Law

Tickets are handled by Pitt IT's Technical Consulting team. Please submit a ticket to the Pitt IT Help Desk.


ExamSoft Support

Bar Exam takers may need immediate support which is only offered by ExamSoft directly. They also have an extensive support website and a how-to video.

Phone number: (866) 429-8889

There is also a category specific for exam takers.



Compatibility Issues

Examplify will not run on Chromebooks, Android, or Linux operating systems. Examplify does not support touchscreen input on Mac or Windows laptops. (Pitt Law does not support iPads.)

ExamSoft is currently compatible with the operating systems listed on ExamSoft's Minimum Requirements page.


Error: "ExamSoft; Our records indicate you are not entitled to use this University service."

Users are not a member of the CDS group that manages the single-sign on service (example: users in Law need to be a part of CDS group Law - ExamSoft). Escalate to RC Administrator.


How to Log Out

Example: Pitt Law students are preparing to take their bar exam, but they are still logged in as their Pitt Law account rather than their Bar Exam account. Customers need to click on “Home Menu” in Examsoft , click “Log out,” and then close out of their web browser. From here they should use the link to Examsoft provided by Bar Exam administration.

If they continue to experience issues, they’re able to call Examsoft support for assistance (866-429-8889). However, if they follow the above steps, they likely won’t need to call.


Secure/Unsecure Exam vs Take-Home/Homework Assessment/Exam

Take-home exams are files downloaded from examsoft.com/pittlaw on the Courses tab. These files are worked on and then uploaded during the designated upload time window. (Note: Course will not show until the exam start time. If you log on at 8:59am with a 9am start, you will not see it until you log out and log back in.)

Secure or Unsecure exams (also known as in-class exams or remote in-class exams) are completed within the software Examplify.


I do not see my exam

Is the student taking a traditional take-home exam or a secure exam? Traditional take-home exams do not use the Examplify application and are accessed through ExamSoft, using their web-based platform for accessing take-home exams (example: examsoft.com/pittlaw).

Secure exams are taken through the software Examplify.


I am unable to log in to upload my take-home or ExamSoft web-based platform isn't loading

Users will need to clear their cache and relaunch the browser.


I was in the middle of an exam and my computer crashed. Now what?

During the crash: Take a deep breath. Your exam is backed up every 30-60 seconds. Just hold down the power button and wait for the computer to shut off. Then power it back on, log in and wait for Examplify to relaunch.

Post exam: Did you disable your antivirus before launching Examplify? Please also run a malware scan.


Can I use dual monitors?

In a secure exam, no. Please unplug your second (and any additional) monitor(s) before launching Examplify. Especially if you have two screens with different resolutions, ExamSoft may not display properly on your primary monitor.


How do I use Word Count?

In the software, to switch between character count and word count, click on the document icon next to the words ‘Essay Answer’. If you highlight your text, it will count the words you have highlighted. By clicking on the page icon, your word count will become visible.


I am using MacOS and Examplify won't load.

If Examplify won't load (bounces in the dock), open the General System Settings panel, under Login Items, ensure that Examsoft Worldwide, Inc. is enabled (slide to the bar to the right) as shown below.



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